The Mobilizing Volunteers project is an initiative to create a network of people in the community that can use their talents and gifts to join with us to meet urgent needs of children and families in detention.

How can you participate?

  • Donate a Care Package: You can donate items for a Care Package such as hygiene items, clothes, shoes, bath towel, among others.
  • Transportation: You can offer to help a family by providing transportation to the detention center to visit their son or daughter.
  • Visit the Detention Center: You can join us in activities with teens and families in detention.
  • Workshops: You can share your knowledge, experience or talents that can be a positive influence for teens, or receive training from us to lean one of the workshops we have already developed.
  • Special Events: You can organize or participate in an activities for special events, holidays, or other activities that provide a different experience than teens have day to day.

If you prefer to make a donation to sustain the project, click here to donate now.

Fill out this form and we will contact you to volunteer.


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