Children in Pretrial Detention Report

“The shortest possible period of time”

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When a child is waiting months or years in detention to see a judge or have a case resolved, what is the shortest possible period of time?

Our new report “Children in Pretrial Detention: Promoting Stronger International Time Limits” seeks to answer that question. This is the first report dedicated to understanding how long children spend in pretrial detention around the world and how practitioners, advocates, civil society and the international human rights community can adopt better practices and standards to protect children waiting in prison.

The report includes:

  • Harms to children and the justice system when cases are delayed.
  • Global survey of 118 countries’ child pretrial detention time limits.
  • Case studies of reducing time in pretrial detention.
  • Recommended good practices to reduce the length of time.
  • Proposed new international standard for children waiting in prison.

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