Children in Pretrial Detention: Fact Sheets


“The shortest possible period of time”

Fact Sheet 1: Harms of Extended Pretrial Detention on Children
Fact Sheet 2: Global Survey of Pretrial Detention Time Limits
Fact Sheet 3: Emerging Good Practices for Reducing Court Delays
Fact Sheet 4: Interagency Task Force to Eliminate Unnecessary Delays
Fact Sheet 5: Recommended 30-Day Pretrial Detention Limit
When a child is waiting months or years in detention to see a judge or have a case resolved, what is the shortest possible period of time?

This series of five Fact Sheet are based on our report Children in Pretrial Detention: Promoting Stronger International Time Limits”. Designed to assist stakeholders and advocates in reducing the length of pretrial detention, these Fact Sheets focus on key issues related to child pretrial detention.

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