Mexico City

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Presentation before the Mexico City Juvenile Court

Mexico City is the largest city in Latin America and the largest juvenile justice system. It was in Mexico City that our work in Mexico began. In 2012, with a Fulbright research grant, we began
collecting data regarding the use and over-use of pretrial detention in the juvenile justice system. The Mexico City Report was published in 2013 and included 14 reform recommendations.

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As a result of the Mexico City Report, the Superior Court of Justice initiated a Pretrial Services Program for juveniles, the second in the entire country and among the first in all of Latin America.

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We also discovered that there was a significant population of


Workshop with US lawyers at the 3rd International Juvenile Justice Congress in Mexico City

teenagers in detention that had no contact with any family. As a

result, we started the Casa Alianza placement project for homeless teenagers.

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