Mobilize Mexico

We are partnering with churches, community-based organizations and volunteers to meet the dire needs of children in prison in Mexico. We are Mobilizing Mexico to respond to the needs of children and families of children in prison.

Contribute Direct Assistance to A Child in Prison:

Suggested Donations:

  • $25 for a Care Package
  • $75 to sponsor a Family Visit
  • General contribution of any amount



How Can You or Your Church Become Involved?

Consider partnering with us to:

  • Collect Care Package donations at your church.
  • Sponsor a family so they can purchase a bus ticket to visit their children.
  • Send a Team to work with a Mexican church’s to help children in prison.
  • Connect us with individuals in your congregation who have a heart for vulnerable children.
  • Support the Mobilize Mexico Project directly through one-time or on-going support.
  • Invite us to share Mobilize Mexico at your church.


Why do we need to Mobilize Mexico?

Jose Manuel was 15 years old. I met him two weeks after he was arrested. His parents lived too far away and were too poor to visit him. He could barely look up at me. I asked him questions, but his five cellmates jumped in to answer for him, “we watch out for Jose, give him soap and share our underwear with him.” I realized that many children don’t have even the most basic items in prison. I remembered Jose when Thomas Sasser, the pastor of a church in Mexico City asked how they could help. So with Pastor Sasser’s help, we started our Care Package Project – delivering basic supplies to the most forgotten children in Mexico’s prisons – soap, shampoo, a book, underwear, and basic dignity. Each time I visited the prisons I would bring a dozen Care Packages. Since then, the response has been overwhelming. The list of churches and individuals who want to help has exploded. We are discovering how deep the needs are and finding ways they can be met by our partners. We believe it is time to do more. It is time to Mobilize Mexico – churches and communities to respond to the tremendous needs of these forgotten children.

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